About Me

Since I was a young child I’ve reveled in exploring nearby woods and streams, then oceans, lost cities and mountains. Photography has been my constant companion on the journey, documenting and recording details along the way. At some distant point in time photography became the journey dictating the location and often defining it by seeking what is not often seen.

Macro photography allows me to bring to others what they may not see from a standing height above the forest floor or below the ocean waves. My photography has always been about isolating the subject so that it may be observed and scrutinized outside of its normal reality without distraction.

Interestingly my subject is often determined by the selection of the lens, not the location. Within the vastness of the ocean a wide angle lens records the macro of life in the same manner a twice life size macro lens records the smallest fish. The same can be said of the mountains and cities. Creating a minimalist portrait by eliminating distractions for the viewer is what I seek most; so we may all contemplate the beauty and magic of our world as reflected in the photograph.

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